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Flexible RFID Tag ST9018

The flexible RFID tag ST9018 operates in UHF frequency band for long distance identification, it is mainly designed for applications requiring a deformable surface. Thanks to its design in TPU materials, the ST9018 flexible RFID tag is flexible and resistant to temperature and water variations, making it ideal for textile identification. It has a long life even in harsh environments.
Robust and adjustable, the flexible RFID tag ST9018 is widely used for tracking goods, tracking personnel in a building and textiles in laundry or store.

Marathon RFID tag (bib)

The marathon RFID tag M87 operates in UHF frequency band and can be detected at a distance of up to 6m, it integrates a layer of foam to ensure a space between the skin and the antenna, it allows to preserve the performances in reading distance and detect all runners on departures and arrived.

Light and comfortable, the M87 marathon RFID tag works like a sticker to put on the back of the race bib, it is invisible and does not bring any inconvenience during races.

On-metal NFC stickers D35M

The D35M on-metal NFC stickers consist of a MIFARE Ultralight® chip and a ferrite anti-metal surface that allows smooth operation on a metal surface (reading distance up to 5cm). They operate under the ISO/IEC 14443A 13.56MHz standard for simple and secure two-way data exchange between different electronic devices.

Entirely customizable, the D35M on-metal NFC stickers can be used in various applications such as equipment identification, tracking of goods and contactless mobile payment. Their dimensions, adhesive, printing options and encoding are customisable as needed. It is also possible to integrate a PET surface with reinforced adhesive to make it waterproof and resistant to external environments.

RFID Bin Tags

In order to optimize the waste management process, SparTag deploys the RFID Bin tags to optimize truck routes, adapt charges according to the quantity of waste delivered and set up recycling incentive programs. The use of RFID Bin tags for waste management saves considerable time and eliminates the risk of error by automating data collection.

The SparTag RFID Bin tags are easily integrated into the specially reserved slots on dumpsters including metal and plastic models DIN30745, thanks to their specific and standardized form. The design of the RFID Bin tags provides them with high resistance to shocks and thermal variations, water, as well as chemical attacks such as oil and oils of all types.

In order to meet different reading distance requirements and compatibility with different readers, Bin tags are available in all three frequency bands, LF, HF / NFC and UHF. For metal bins, SparTag provides specific tags that can work optimally on metal surfaces without being affected by interference.

SparTag provides different models of embedded RFID chips to meet the different requirements in terms of data security (data falsification, hacking …) as well as the memory size necessary for your application.

RFID cable tie

The RFID cable tie tag is designed as a zip. Thanks to its reinforced design in ABS and nylon materials, the RFID cable tie tag is waterproof and has a long service life even in harsh environments. It is single use and indissociable once zipped.

Robust and adjustable, the RFID cable tie tag is widely used for tracking merchandise, meat and baggage under pressure during airport pick-up / drop-off.

RFID Glass tags

The SparTag glass tags are specially designed for easy surface integration, in equipment, or molded in different materials to ensure contactless identification in passive RFID technology for industry or animal identification.

Versatile and miniaturized, they are widely used to track assets such as equipment, tools, pharmaceuticals thanks to their physical property that allows mounting on any type of surface, plastic, metal, wood, water …

The RFID chip and the antenna are encapsulated in a glass to ensure protection against chemicals and ensure optimal operation despite temperature variations.

Several sizes are available (8 mm to 32 mm), the glass tags includ security features such as encrypted authentication, data integrity control … they are available in LF (Low Frequencies) 125KHz and 134KHz and HF (13.56MHz)

RFID Security Seal SS80

SparTag delivers RFID security seal SS80 operating in UHF technology. Made of a stainless steel cable and a heavy-duty ABS plastic locking buckle, the SparTag RFID security seal offers optimum safety and robustness compared to traditional RFID plastic clamps.

The RFID security seal are widely used for the automatic identification of containers and vehicles to ensure traceability of maintenance, they also provide evidence of tampering in the event of a dispute by activating a bit of state named TAG ALARM, thus providing immediate information on the state of the sealed (damaged / undamaged).

Equipped with a high sensitivity, the RFID security seal can be read easily by fixed readers placed at the entrance of the transit doors, the agent can therefore retrieve the information contained in the tag reliably

RFID Token tag T3045

The RFID Token tag T3045 works on HF / NFC (13.56MHz) or BF (125Khz, 134Khz), it is Applicable to all types of non-metallic equipment for security tracking, identification of goods, vehicle identification, park management, tree tracking.

Robust and long-lasting, the RFID Token tag T3045 RFID tag is ideally suited to outdoor environments to perform multi-year equipment tracking with high reliability.

RFID UHF Wristband T14

The RFID UHF wristband T14 allows to detect people at long distance (up to 4m) thanks to its design allowing a spacing between the wrist and the RFID antenna, the reading distance is then optimised and ensures a high reading probability.

Resistant and comfortable, it is often used for contactless access control in hospitals, access doors to recreation and vacation centers, social media and loyalty programs.

Strong on-metal RFID tag ST6019

The On-metal resistant RFID tag ST6019  operates in the UHF frequency band. It is specially designed to withstand very difficult environments (acid, fuel B, oil, salt spray, vegetable oil), it has an IP68 protection level.

Ergonomic and efficient, the on-metal resistant RFID tag ST6019 has read distances of up to 4.5m with a mobile reader and 6.5m with a fixed reader. It is mainly used in industry for the identification of assets in constraining environments.