The use of RFID in laundries enhances textile identification and sorting processes in laundries with small tags or RFID tags attached to clothing, uniform, sheets, carpets. Clothing marked RFID textile can be read in bags, closets or other storage.

Manufacturers have developed textile-based RFID tags based on 13.56MHz high-frequency technology and are ISO compliant, these RFID tags are typically embedded in polymer mounts and can withstand high temperatures and chemicals. in laundry products in laundries.

The advantage of RFID in laundries is considerable, it allows the establishment of an automatic and error-free sorting system which increases the speed of identification and reduces the cost of manual interventions. The cost of setting up an RFID system for laundries is quickly amortized.

SparTag provides a full range of tags and readers for textile applications intended for RFID in laundries.