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Flexible RFID Tag ST9018

The flexible RFID tag ST9018 operates in UHF frequency band for long distance identification, it is mainly designed for applications requiring a deformable surface. Thanks to its design in TPU materials, the ST9018 flexible RFID tag is flexible and resistant to temperature and water variations, making it ideal for textile identification. It has a long life even in harsh environments.
Robust and adjustable, the flexible RFID tag ST9018 is widely used for tracking goods, tracking personnel in a building and textiles in laundry or store.

UHF RFID lin tag

The UHF RFID lin tag is specially designed to identify bulk large volumes of laundry and clothing at a distance of 1 to 5m. Their waterproof, robust and anti-corrosion properties enable them to withstand more than 200 washing cycles and the aggressions of chemical products.

The use of the RFID lin tag in laundries has many advantages, it ensures traceability according to the standards, it facilitates the management of the material, also, it is possible to set up an automated reading system.

For a better use of the RFID lin tag, several ways of fixing are possible, either by sewing it in the hem, by sewing, by sticking it with a heat-sealing label or directly on the textile. The flax tag can also be attached to work blouses, blouses but also on protective equipment such as professional shoes.

UHF RFID Silicone Laundry Tags

SparTag provides UHF RFID silicone laundry tags designed specifically for laundries. Thanks to their ultra-robust features, RFID silicone laundry tags can withstand more than 180 cycles of washing and dry cleaning as well as ironing.

Flexible and small in size, RFID silicone laundry tags can be easily integrated into textiles such as blouses, work blues and other textile materials. They are available in several sizes to best fit your needs.

UHF RFID Whippy Tag

SparTag provides the RFID silicone Whippy tag for laundries, its linear shape and flexibility allows for easy introduction into garment hems.

The Whippy tag operates in the UHF frequency band and can be detected at a distance of up to 6 meters depending on the reader used. The Whippy tag is one of the best performers in the textile RFID identification category.

Its silicone design makes it resistant to a large number of wash cycles as well as chemical attack.