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Impinj Guardawall RFID antenna

The Impinj Guardwall RFID antenna is a dual-polarized medium-range antenna, they work in pairs (one on the right and one on the left), allowing the generation of an intense and limited field between the two antennas to guarantee maximum power and therefore the ability to read a large number of labels including in packaging and through products.

Specially designed for factory manufacturing processes as well as chain and distribution supply, the right and left Guardwall RFID antennas are arranged face to face on a conveyor belt and capture all the labels affixed to the cartons (articles) with a very large efficiency. The antennas are supplied with 2 SMA-female connectors.

Impinj MatchBox RFID antenna

The Impinj Matchbox RFID antenna is sized for bidirectional radiation at a maximum distance of 5cm. Specially designed to meet applications or other standard antennas do not arrive such as medicine bottles, associate cards, blisters, or more commonly, containers containing liquids or labels affixed to a wet surface.

Compact and powerful, the Impinj Matchbox RFID antenna can be used for many applications such as access control, document control, ticket sales and other applications requiring a very short reading distance.

Impinj Mini-Guardrail RFID antenna

The Mini-Guardrail RFID antenna from Impinj is specially designed to radiate to a maximum distance of 7.5cm, this characteristic makes it ideal for proximity readings such as item entry, access control, document control, ticketing, packing lines.

The design of the Mini-Guardrail RFID antenna makes it protected from disturbances that can block reading such as metal and liquid packaging, making it ideal for reliable readings in harsh environments. Robust and versatile, the Mini-Guargdrail RFID antenna is widely used for near-field reading applications. It requires 1 SMA to R-TNC cable (sold separately).

Near Field RFID Brickyard antenna

The Near field RFID Brickyard antenna near Impinj is specially designed to have limited radiation to ensure that tags are read in a small and well-defined area. It is ideal for point-of-sale integration, document control, clothing stores, libraries.

The Brickyard antenna comes with a 2.4 meter coaxial cable and a TNC-Male-Rev connector.