RFID access control allows you to allow or deny access to people within a structure. The physical barrier can be for example a door, a parking barrier, a turnstile, an elevator … The RFID technology makes it possible to control these accesses.

When approaching a card or RFID tag of the reader, it will self feed and transmit a unique ID number, the reader will send this data to the control panel that will verify its existence in the list of numbers allowed. The RFID tag is composed of an antenna and a chip and can be a card without contact, keychain, sticker, bracelet or other.

The use of RFID access control reduces the risk of data duplication, so by adding secure or proprietary communication protocols, data security becomes very high.

RFID access control is not restricted to the company, it is also used in different areas such as access to parking, libraries, aquatic and sports centers, events, hotels. SparTag provides a wide range of products that meet all areas of application.