Formerly, libraries used electro-magnetic systems, the integration of RFID technology represented a revolution in terms of safety and efficiency, inventory and inventory make becomes much faster and surpasses the old manual method. The tags (labels) used have a very long life and high reliability.

The integration of RFID for libraries makes it possible to mark books, but also DVDs and other data storage devices. A well-defined faith and under normal conditions of use, an RFID identification system becomes completely reliable and no false alarm is triggered.

The state of entry and exit becomes fast thanks to an RFID system, the data are automatically updated in the dedicated software. With the help of an appropriate reader and labels, RFID for libraries allows block detection of works within a given radius, identifying items in the wrong place and making storage easier.

The detection of theft is done thanks to the detection gantries placed at the exit of the library, the RFID technology guarantees reading distances of up to 7m guaranteeing an almost zero error rate.

In the fiels of RFID for libraries, SparTag provides hight quality labels and readers.