The use of RFID on the retail sector allows retailers and stores to ensure that their goods are available in the right place and in the right quantities to avoid stockouts.

RFID data can be integrated into existing management systems (ERP), they are a great addition to inventory, track and localize products from the manufacturing plant to the point of sale offering full visibility while at the same time. along the chain.

RFID on the retail secor has great benefits for distributors and consumer at the time of implementation, it brings better inventory accuracy, optimizing inventories, reducing counting time and therefore fewer hours of work; it also provides a better user experience, customers can access detailed item information and can pay faster, reducing wait times in checkout threads.

Positioning RFID sensors at the entry / exit portals of the goods makes it possible to carry out an inventory during the passage of the transport vehicles from one platform to another, the flow of the goods is checked automatically, the transport of the goods becomes more precisely, stock-outs are limited and accounting differences become almost ni when using RFID on the retail sector. 

SparTag provides RFID solutions for the retail industry to meet reseller / distributor requirements for traceability.