Faced with the increasing requirements that RFID systems for vehicle identification must meet (parking access or identification). Compact, robust, easy to use and integrate solutions in different environments are required.

SparTag meets all these requirements by offering an integrated fixed reader specially designed for parking access control, or simply remote vehicle identification. It can be easily integrated into existing parking and access systems thanks to its RS232 serial port and Ethernet RJ45 connection. The drive is powered directly from the Ethernet port, it is flexible and has a low installation cost. It features a powerful RFID reader and a circular polarized antenna capable of detecting vehicles with 100% reliability. The reading range can be up to 15 meters whitch is enought power to manage RFID systems for vehicle identification.

The integrated fixed reader operates in the UHF ETSI (865-868 MHz) and FCC (902-928 MHz) frequency bands according to ISO 18000-6C and EPC Class 1 Generation 2; SparTag also offers RFID tags and tags including vehicle bumper stickers.