RFID UHF Wristband T14

The RFID UHF wristband T14 allows to detect people at long distance (up to 4m) thanks to its design allowing a spacing between the wrist and the RFID antenna, the reading distance is then optimised and ensures a high reading probability.

Resistant and comfortable, it is often used for contactless access control in hospitals, access doors to recreation and vacation centers, social media and loyalty programs.



Dimension 260*21*12.5mm
Color Blue,Yellow,Red,Orange,Black,Grey,White or customized
Material Silicon
Operating Frequency 860-960Mhz 
Chip AlienH3, Monza etc 
Data Transmission Speed 106K baud
Read Distance 0.1-2m
Data Retention >10 years
Optional Technology Silk-screen Printing Logo/image/graphic
Laser engraving serial numbers
Chip encoding


RFID UHF wristband T14